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Requirements Management
Tools and Techniques

We are experts on tools and techniques for business and system development, with edge in requirements management.

We serve clients in industries such as Defense, Finance, Insurance, Building and Construction, Energy, Medical Device and Manufacturing.

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Process and tools for requirements management

IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management (ELM)

Celeris has extensive experience with the IBM ELM platform, including DOORS and DOORS Next, Engineering Test Management (formerly Rational Quality Manager), Engineering Workflow Manager (formerly Rational Team Concert), and Rational Publishing Engine (RPE).

We offer services for installation, configuration, and maintenance of ELM installations as well as user training.

Requirements management

At Celeris, we have been working with requirements management for decades, across many different industries using a variety of tools and techniques.

While development methodologies have come and gone, the core of requirements management remains the same - to communicate expectations and needs for products and systems.

IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management (ELM)


DOORS Next is a highly competent and scalable requirements management tool that is suitable for organizations that place high demands on their requirements management process.

IBM Engineering Test Management (ETM)

ETM is a test management tool with strong integration to DNG. The combination DNG + ETM is a versatile combination for requirements and test management within system development projects of any size.  

IBM Engineering Workflow Management (EWM)

EWM complements DNG and ETM with support for change management, task management and source code management.

IBM Rhapsody

Rhapsody is a system modeling tool that is well suited for model-driven development and that comes with integration to other applications within IBM ELM.

IBM Rational Publishing Engine (RPE)

IBM Rational Publishing Engine (RPE) is a report production tool that collects data from IBM ELM applications and produces custom-formated reports with the same look and feel as other documents within the organisation.

IBM Global Configuration Management (GCM)

IBM Global Configuration Management (GCM) links development streams within DNG, ETM and EWM into global configurations, which opens up for parallel development and variant management., not only for source code but also for requirements and test cases.

IBM ELM industry solutions

Every industry has its specific conditions when it comes to requirements management.

In some industries, time-to-market plays a crucial role, and requirements management needs to be fast and agile to meet this need. In other industries, such as the development of safety-critical systems, compliance plays a crucial role. In these industries, requirements management needs to be controlled and offer good support for traceability.

Based on its experience in requirements engineering in a number of industries, Celeris has developed customized solutions of IBM ELM, and the tools included therein such as DOORS Next, to respond to the specific needs of specific industries.

IBM ELM within the medical device industry

The medical device industry is characterized by strict requirements for regulatory compliance and traceability. For a medical technology development organization, there is reason to consider all applications within IBM ELM.

IBM ELM within the building and construction industry

The construction and civil engineering industry is characterized by multi-party collaboration, the need to be able to share requirements and deviation reports between parties. DOORS Next and EWM offer a powerful combination for construction projects.

Celeris Compliance Suite (CCS) for Banking

Banking and Finance is characterized by an increasingly complex regulatory landscape, while at the same time they want to develop systems and products based on agile methods. CCS leverages the IBM ELM Suite to offer faster time to compliance.

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