Tasktop Viz (Svenska)

Tasktop Viz

Make data-driven investment decisions

Use data to make smarter decisions about where to invest and where to cut. With a window into the entire value stream, you can see exactly where different investment strategies will make a difference. With Tasktop Viz you can:

  • Find system bottlenecks by analyzing data from ideation to production, know precisely where more resources will make a difference.
  • Show reports the business can understand and facilitate more productive conversations.
  • Connect software development work to business results, and show the ROI of transformation decisions.
  • See where you might need to make tradeoffs, easily show that if feature velocity is slowing down and defect distribution is going up, and there’s no debt work being done, you’re headed for a product death spiral.

Tasktop Viz Capabilities

Flow Metrics

Leverage a single set of actionable metrics that can be understood by technology and business leaders. Get rid of the complexity that stems from too many metrics that no one understands.



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